Barry Katzman

Diabetic Neuropathy

Tingling, numbness, pain or a squeezing sensation in the extremities(arms, legs, hands, or feet)these are all common signs of diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage. Nerve damage can also occur with no symptoms at all. Up to 70 percent of people with diabetes will develop some type of neuropathy, making it one of the most common side effects of this disease.

PROTECT YOUR FEET because decreased sensation or numbness is a common side effect of diabetic neuropathy, it is common to injure your feet and not be aware of it. This can often lead to serious complications or amputation of the feet and legs as one can develop a serious infection or ulcer that won’t heal due to the diabetes. This risk increases as you age or the longer you have diabetes, so it is extremely important to inspect your feet daily.

Keeping your diabetes under control and taking your medications is the best defense for keeping diabetic neuropathy minimized.

TREATMENTS vary and have mixed results as the many medications for diabetic neuropathy often have side effects so the best course is one of prevention as much as possible by keeping your diabetes well controlled and getting regular medical and podiatric check ups.

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