Barry Katzman

Foot Care Hints for Patients with Diabetes or Poor Circulation

First the Do’s
Do wash your feet daily with warm (not hot) water and soap
Do dry feet thoroughly, especially between toes with a blotting action
Do apply a skin cream after drying feet, avoid between toes
Do keep feet warm and dry
Do wear comfortable well fitting shoes
Do inspect inside of shoes for foreign objects and torn linings
Do wear loose fitting socks to bed if feet are cold
Do avoid wet feet, wet shoes, or wet socks, especially during winter months
Do avoid extremes of temperature, hot or cold
Do keep all appointments that your physician or podiatrist schedule for you

Now the Don’ts
Don’t walk barefoot, even indoors
Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces circulation
Don’t cut corns, calluses, or nails yourself
Don’t use caustic chemical agents for the removal of corns and calluses
Don’t wear any garters that encircle the leg
Don’t pull or tear any dead skin from toes, corns, feet
Don’t sit with knees crossed

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